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Why Buying a Custom Cue is Worth The Money


Cues are an essential part of any billiard player's gear. They can be considered your best friend. They can also come in a variety of styles and materials. For those who want to take their game to the next level, it may be worth investing in a custom cue that is hand-crafted for your specific needs. This guide will explore the benefits of buying a custom cue, as well as how to choose one that suits your individual style.

The Types of Cues


There are many types of cues available, but in general, most are made out of one of the following materials:


  • Wood (usually maple or ash)

  • Fiberglass (which is lightweight and strong)

  • Graphite (which is lighter than fiberglass)


Of course, there are also many different styles of cues available. Cues can be designed in either two or four pieces. They can come in a variety of sorts of colors with intricate decals or simple plain designs. Both the color and material of your cue can affect your game. If you make a mistake during play, it is usually because something went wrong with your equipment. More artistically intricate cues may not provide the straight line needed to aim at your target properly during play. However, if you select a more simple cue with solid colors and natural wood grain, it is easier to line up your shot because the cue itself does not draw attention away from the target pocket. Cues can also come in one piece or two pieces, depending on personal preference. Cues are not limited to billiards either. The most common ones are for pool, but they are also available for other games such as carom and snooker.


The Benefits of Buying a Custom Cue

1. Custom cues are worth the investment


Unfortunately, the work that goes into creating a custom cue is not cheap. Most cues can range in price anywhere from $50 to $1000, or even more depending on the material used and what kind of design you choose. Purchasing something that has been specifically created for your individual needs might be worth the investment. Many billiard players will invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in cues during their lifetime because there are so many factors, including price, weight, balance, grip, and others that go into providing the most comfort. Cues can also take quite some time to break in during play. This means that you will need to use them repeatedly until all of the kinks have been worked out, including the time that it takes for your arms to get used to them as well. If your cue is not the right fit, it can cause pain in your elbows, which is never fun.

2. Cues can be personalized according to your preferences


Cues are used every day by countless people. However, it is unlikely that you will ever run into someone with the same cue as yours. Cues can be personalized in almost any way imaginable to match your unique style and preferences. They can also come in one or two pieces depending on your preference. Additionally, cues can be designed according to your height to ensure that they feel comfortable for every game, for example enabling you to know how far back to lean when taking a shot. You might even find yourself leaning more towards certain types of cues simply because of their unique design, which makes them aesthetically pleasing. Thus, allowing you to show off your personality through your equipment during gameplay.

3. Cues can be made to fit your type of gameplay


In addition to being designed with your preferences in mind, cues are also created so they meet the specific needs you have while playing. Cues are available in a variety of types, including:


  • Snooker cues, which have larger tips than pool cues

  • Break cues, which are usually bigger and heavier in order to help break through balls more easily during play

  • Jump cues, which have a longer ferrule with a smaller tip for jumping over other balls on the table 


If you tend to lean towards games that involve the use of more speed or power in their shots (such as billiards), then it might be worth purchasing a cue that has been crafted according to your specific needs and preferences.


One of the best investments you can make is buying a custom cue. They are not only more aesthetically pleasing than standard cues, but they also offer better performance and durability than the majority of factory-made cues. If you want your game to take off, it may be time for an upgrade.

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