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You've tried all the rest, now finally try the BEST!

We invite you to try the BEST playing cue tip to hit the market today. You can shoot with confidence knowing the equipment you're using is the best.

G2 tips are an 8 layered pig skin tip imported from Japan.

"G2" is the abbreviation for "Grip Square". That's why the "2" is at the top right corner of the logo.

G2 tips were designed to stand up to every expectation from a novice player to the best players in the world. The goal was to create a tip with exceptional grip and solid feel. Each batch is tested with a state of the art computer to quality check for hardness and bounce to make sure all tips are consistent.

All tips are 14mm and must be trimmed to fit.

Qty Item # Description Size Weight Price
TIP G2H G2 CUE TIP - HARD14mm .01 19.20
TIP G2M G2 CUE TIP - MEDIUM14mm .01 19.20
TIP G2S G2 CUE TIP - SOFT14mm .01 19.20