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An industry favorite, these tips are crafted from vegetable tanned oak leather. The tip has a special protective coating to seal and preserve the leather until the cue is ready to play. Available in a wide range of diameters to meet your needs. Sold in boxes of 50 pcs.

Qty Item # Description Size Weight Price
QTIP LEP15 BOX OF LE PRO TIPS15MM x 40pcs 0.165 37.89
QTIP LEP BOX OF LE PRO TIPS14MM x 50pcs 0.162 27.28
QTIP LEP13.5 BOX OF LE PRO TIPS13.5MM x 50pcs 0.159 27.28
QTIP LEP13 BOX OF LE PRO TIPS13MM x 50pcs 0.132 24.26
QTIP LEP12 BOX OF LE PRO TIPS12MM x 50pcs 0.116 23.87
QTIP LEP11 BOX OF LEPRO TIPS11MM X 50pcs 0.100 21.55
QTIP LEP10 BOX OF LEPRO TIPS10MM X 50pcs 0.100 21.55
QTIP LEP9 BOX OF LEPRO TIPS9MM X 50pcs 0.100 21.55