Ferrule Material

White Elforyn (No Grain) Rod & Tube
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A high grade ivory substitute material with a high mineral content. It can be processed like natural ivory - carved, turned, milled, etc. It glues well with Cyanoacrylate & Epoxy glues and can take a clear coat finish. Elforyn is chalk resistant, thermo-formable, chips while machining, and can be polished to a beautiful luster if desired.

The White Elforyn has all of the same characteristics of the grained Ivory Elforyn, except that it is a deep white color.

Qty Item # Description Size Weight Price
QELF W15 ELFORYN WHITE ROD.562" Dia. x 12" - NO GRAIN 0.15 27.55
QELF W25 ELFORYN WHITE ROD1.0" Dia. x 12" - NO GRAIN 0.50 43.90
QELF W35 ELFORYN WHITE ROD1.375" Dia. x 12" - NO GRAIN 0.95 55.00