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Juma Ivory Colored Rod

The Juma material is a colored thermoset plastic. It machines easily with a small chip, and polishes up to a fine luster, and will not mushroom. Juma glues well with Epoxy, and holds a finish as well.

Juma is also Thermoformable. Submerge in boiling water and it can be formed and bent.

FDA approved. Can be used for smoking pipes and kitchen utensils.

Length tolerance is +/- 0.5" inches.

Qty Item # Description Size Weight Price
QJUMA 16X3 16mm IVORY JUMA FERRULE ROD16mm X 915mm (approx .625" dia X 3.0' Feet) .60 26.99
QJUMA 22X2 22mm IVORY JUMA SOLID ROD22mm X 610mm (approx .866 dia x 2.0' feet) .85 27.98
QJUMA 25 25mm IVORY JUMA SOLID JOINT ROD25mm x 305mm (approx. 1.00" dia x 12" inches) .55 15.57
QJUMA 25X3 25mm IVORY JUMA SOLID JOINT ROD25mm x 915mm (approx. 1.00" dia x 3' feet) 1.65 46.72
QJUMA 28X2 28mm IVORY JUMA SOLID ROD28mm X 610mm (approx 1.10" dia x 2.0' feet) 1.40 37.21
QJUMA 35 35mm IVORY JUMA SOLID BUTT ROD35mm x 305mm (approx. 1.375" dia x 12" inches) 1.05 25.70
QJUMA 35X3 35mm IVORY JUMA SOLID BUTT ROD35mm x 915mm (approx. 1.375" dia x 3' feet) 3.15 77.01
QJUMA 38X2 38mm IVORY JUMA SOLID ROD38mm X 610mm (approx 1.50" dia x 2.0' feet) 2.45 58.55
JIVO 50DX305 IVORY COLORED JUMA ROD50mm X 305mm 2 46.00